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Freshtone - Winter Just Got Wet

MusicPosted by Jamie Thu, December 16, 2010 16:40:30
Well, after a while i put out a new mix, more to come obviously but...this is just a play around, recorded live :D......

Anyhows!....its pretty funky and a couple mix ups along the way but hey the price to pay when stressed out ;)......

anyhow hope this brings joy to you people :D !

***Click on Image to Download / Listen to Mix***


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Experiment with jazz improvisation

MusicPosted by Jamie Mon, October 18, 2010 01:34:49
So, late on a cold dark and mystical evening after a 35 peice sushi dinner, i decided to make a song.....low and behold this fell upon me :D ........

This is my first attempt and recording this kinda stuff and its not 100% finished yet but the idea is fresh :).......i hope you enjoy and any feedback would be really nice !

*Click image to Listen*

hope you like :)

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Freshtone - Subliminal Messages

MusicPosted by Jamie Thu, August 12, 2010 17:35:22
So, ladys and gentlemen, i proudly present the newest mix to myself ''Subliminal Messages''.

This mix is created for everyone into the progressive and euphoric house scene. This mix is definatly bound to make you feel just at home in your own house as you would feel in Ibiza! :).

Im very happy about the style i chose out for this and the crossovers are quite heavily progressive but all in a ll a good mix :)..

Anyways without further adoo, i give you.....Dj Freshtone - Subliminal Messages!

***Click Image for streaming mix***

***If you want to download the mix just right click on this image and select ''Save Target As / Link As'' and youll be able to download it***


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Freshtone - Hustle & Soul

MusicPosted by Jamie Tue, August 03, 2010 22:19:09
So its been a long time since i have updated this site, but im making sure to update it as much as possible from now on!.

Anyways here is a mix i plucked together tonight!. Its a jazzed out smooth ride of hip hop and just basically a selection of love from me ;)....

A lot of love in this mix!. Treat it with care!


***Click image for mix***

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Shoot with Emma (Kitteai)

PhotographyPosted by Jamie Mon, March 29, 2010 01:06:40
So another shoot with the kitty cat !, (If you saw my previous shoot with her youll understand the ''Kitty cat'' expression).

Was a great shoot with actually quite random shots, but im very happy with a couple of them!

So without further adoo, i give you Emma !

These last 2 shots where test shots really, i was trying to acheive the ''Studio lighting look'' WITHOUT studio or studio lights or even lights, The light in these shots is just a laptop screen :), with a pitch black surroudning!...Im happy with them, but would love to try soon this same style in a studio with a more ''controlled'' lighting setup! :)

Thank you so much Emma, i had a great shoot with you and we shall definatly continue working together on more stuff i hope!


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