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Random pictures from Oslo Part 1 !

PhotographyPosted by Jamie Sun, September 06, 2009 13:51:52
So a little update really just of some things i shot of randomly in Oslo my new city :)

Hope you like ^_^

This guy is definatly a new Jhonny Cash in the future ! Just look at the style and picture to define it :D !! Wonderfull!

Suzie in her regular gracefullness and beauty ! Amazing features and great person to take pictures of !. Thanks !

The Beauty of Frogner park with a slight retouch of contrast ;) added by yours truely !. :)

Enjoy :D

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3500Mhz Photoshoot

PhotographyPosted by Jamie Sun, August 23, 2009 15:44:33
So a band which only can be explainned by the name....3500Mhz. Im not sure why they are called that but i do know there is a reason!...

Anyways i was lucky enough to get the oppertunity to do a shoot of them and here is the results ! Hope you enjoy lads :)...

The final image is definatly my faveroute one =)

Hope you like !

If your interested in checking out there music and such then just visit

Great stuff!

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Storys from a pregnant lady

PhotographyPosted by Jamie Mon, July 13, 2009 00:31:59
Well. What i shock i get when im working in the bar and a friend of mine offers me to let me grab a few shots of her!....

The ONLY thing in my mind is how beautifull and stunning some of these pictures came out !. She is a amazingly stunning lady and to be given all credit looks AMAZING infront of a camera!.

For you (you know who you are), you have been a stunning model and i hope we can grab some more pictures soon! :).

Right the breakdown of this!. We basically used the bar i worked in interior for the most part of the shots. Not so much to focus on any detail but they have a amazing ''Theatre'' looking style booth seating areas and very oldschool Carpet Upstairs. We utilized these features and really grabed some great pictures!.

All of these i am incredibly happy with and have nothing else to really say exept.....Hope you like them also :)..

Much love to the model ! *Hugs* :)

So everyone knows...I know it was quite strange to blast the picture of her nude right in the middle but i just really LOVED the colours and love the way that even though the head is not cut propperly it still really has this mystical feeling to it!.

Also bearing in mind this lady is pregnant. Shes still got what it takes :D

Hope you guys enoy ! :)

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A walk in the woods (Nudity)

PhotographyPosted by Jamie Sun, June 28, 2009 14:26:51
These shots where done in a forest near to a friend of mines place. I love the quality of the images especially as i just bought myself the new D700!!! Nikon :).

The pictures are definalty worth a look at, there is actually one of me also :).

I hope you enjoy the shots as much as i enjoyed taking them!.

Hope you enjoy the pictures !

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random Series - 2

PhotographyPosted by Jamie Sat, June 20, 2009 17:10:53
So a couple of pictures from my older stuff. I rumeged around in the old hard drive and fixed up a couple of pictures.

So the 4 pictures are basically 2 bubble pictures ;)....and 2 portraits... Suzie *One with the glasses* and Magnus *one looking like praying* :)

Here they are :)

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