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Richmond Park Expedition

PhotographyPosted by Jamie Sun, January 04, 2009 03:18:41
Well today was nice, went to Richmond park again to grab a few shots of the animals and ended up coming out with a ton (570+) pictures of all sorts :). I Love my camera!.

Anyways just a quick one before i head for the night to sleep ! Here is a couple o my faveroute shots for you to see..


Blog Image

Blog Image

Blog Image

What a wonderfull day :) the colours where just incredible, the vibes where beautifull and everything just came together for the 4 hours i was stumbling around with my new Bag and tripod :). All the deer seemed at ease, the parents to one side of the road and the kids to the other.

The sun was glistening off the freshly dewed grass and reflecting the cold yet warm sunlight around the whole park giving off a certain warmth to the colours which where already just amazing!.

Hope you enjoy these shots, there is about 29 more which i shall be creating a gallery for over on my gallery :)..


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