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Destination Unknown

3DPosted by Jamie Sun, January 04, 2009 15:14:40
Well here is a couple of my 3d renders from a short film i was working on a few years ago called ''Destination Unknown''.

The concept was basically all about a man who lost his wife ....I cant give away too many Storyline details as i dont want the idea stolen :). But its all about a meaning and how important meanings actually are in our lives as everyday people.

Here is the first shot.

Blog Image
(Click the image to see a bigger version)

This scene is basically one of the main parts of the whole film where the man loses his wife. The age is modern and this hospital has been abandoned for many years. We find the man sitting in a corner at the end of this corridor to the left room where his wife is lying on the bed.

Blog Image
(Click the image to see a bigger version)

In this shot we have the final part to the whole short film where he realises what his life has beenabout and why he has done what hes done. The ending is meant to be quite a emotional ending with a musical score incorpirating a piano only.

*Both scene's created in Maya using Mental ray and Photoshop*

And finally here is the short film i made for the ''semesteroppgave'' or in english (Final year exam) for Idefagskolen in Norway.
The Film is actually a short put together of a few more of the scenes from the film and just basically gives you a closer look at what i am STILL trying to accomplish :).

Hope you enjoy

Sorry for the quality of the video i cant find a way to stream videos from my own server, wont allow me too on the blog.

This is the link to the full quality one.

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