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Lighting Test

3DPosted by Jamie Sat, January 31, 2009 12:19:47
So currently im working on a lighting test project which actually is a small challenge. I got the model to light and play around with and so far have come up with some pretty standard results.

Currently to date this scene has 4 point lights, 1 Area light and 1 spot light. They are light linked to different objects / parts of the scene so i generate a more ''Real light source'' from the light.

Anyways Modelling credit goes to Juan Carlos Silva for this terrific model and here is my day - 1 early test render...

The scene will be textured / lighted and renderd by me. So currently there isnt many textures around the scene as im still working on it :).

Rendered in 2 min 38 seconds with Mental Ray.

More images will be soon to come as i update / light and texture the scene :)

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