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Hotel Costes (Nude Shoot)

PhotographyPosted by Jamie Fri, April 10, 2009 12:17:54
Ok so as you can see i have named this post ''Hotel Costes''. For those of you who dont know what Hotel Costes is, its a French cd released by a dj named ''Stephane Pompougnac'', a great DJ who plays at the club also named ''Hotel Costes'' in France / paris. His cd covers are a great inspiration to me and this shoot was really a dedication into trying to grab / aquire the same look / sexyness and Fashionable style.

I am extreamly happy with these shot's, also for the fact the model is just great and does such a wonderfull job!, Thank you (You know who you are).

Anyways onto the pictures!

Finally this shot. I only re-adjusted the colours to greyscale and adjusted some contrast in here but i actually LIKE this Black and White version of the picture....It has a nice warm and deep feeling to it ! ...Hope you like also

This is obviously just a test ;).

Thats all for now, there is more but currently i wanted to only release the ''Style'' i am trying to acheive as i said in my top comment.

Enjoy! and hope you like !

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