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RandomPosted by Jamie Mon, August 03, 2009 03:38:28
So this is a video i created when i was bored, i grabbed some great music and played around in Vegas with some effects and colour correction things. The end result really inspired me and also i get a VERY almost pro feeling from the colours of the video!

There is also a little poem a wrote which i think quite fit the mood of the video :)

I hope you enjoy it also :)

A Foretold mystery, that of the free mind...
devouring shadows hide scampily amidst the horizon,
i see the light scatter willingly across the open plains,
colours without name, names without meaning,
thus i am he who wonders these desserts in search of faith,
faith to those who wonder the lonely pathways,
another one turns a ugly corner, reminded of what she once was,
dancing angels stumble and fall...
this world has no place for her, as was never meant for us,
now i see, her eyes glaze with mystery and wonder,
a sparkle of hope drives me to think...

Hope you like ^_^

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