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Shoot with Emma (Kitteai)

PhotographyPosted by Jamie Mon, March 29, 2010 01:06:40
So another shoot with the kitty cat !, (If you saw my previous shoot with her youll understand the ''Kitty cat'' expression).

Was a great shoot with actually quite random shots, but im very happy with a couple of them!

So without further adoo, i give you Emma !

These last 2 shots where test shots really, i was trying to acheive the ''Studio lighting look'' WITHOUT studio or studio lights or even lights, The light in these shots is just a laptop screen :), with a pitch black surroudning!...Im happy with them, but would love to try soon this same style in a studio with a more ''controlled'' lighting setup! :)

Thank you so much Emma, i had a great shoot with you and we shall definatly continue working together on more stuff i hope!


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