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3500Mhz Photoshoot

PhotographyPosted by Jamie Sun, August 23, 2009 15:44:33
So a band which only can be explainned by the name....3500Mhz. Im not sure why they are called that but i do know there is a reason!...

Anyways i was lucky enough to get the oppertunity to do a shoot of them and here is the results ! Hope you enjoy lads :)...

The final image is definatly my faveroute one =)

Hope you like !

If your interested in checking out there music and such then just visit

Great stuff!

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Posted by Thomas Wicklund-Larsen Sun, August 23, 2009 17:04:25

The pics are amazing!
Thanks a lot.
Thomas, 3500mhz

Posted by Joakim Kroon Sun, August 23, 2009 16:38:07

Thanks a lot for the photo shoot, Jamie! We are all really happy with the result!

Looking forward to the next time:-)

/Joakim, 3500 Mhz